Why make “Raptor Roosts”?

I have learned a lot about dangers hawks and eagles face from power lines, cell phone towers and the general challenges imposed by spreading “civilization”. In Wyoming, many of the rural electric associations were not as prompt as Pacific Power to adjust their poles and wires so that a bird landing or taking off was no longer able to touch two wires at once, creating an arc that electrocuted it. Still a challenge are the transformer boxes where side wires leave the main line; I’ve seen heartbreaking footage of falcons trying to perch on a box with sizzling, deadly results. A few years after the first roosts, many eagles were found drowned in ponds of oil left near oil processing points in northern Wyoming. And loose dogs and atv’s may destroy eggs and nestlings. Many nesting places have been taken over by human disturbance. Hawks, eagles and humans like to live in the same areas, but not necessarily peacefully together.  More raptor roosts have been created, and will be seen in following posts.

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