Recent Work

My recent work includes
Arroyo restoration at The Land/A Site for Art, summer 2009
Columbia, summer 2009
Wildlife Warming, summer 2009
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Early Trans-Species

Living in Wyoming, where there are more antelope than people, and trying to deal with galleries at long distance, Lynne finally decided, “Instead of making art about our relationship with wildlife, why not make are FOR wildlife?” As she thought about it, she developed a theory about that relationship. At the time there seemed to be very few positive actions across species boundaries. If we live in the wealthiest culture in the history of humans, couldn’t there be more sharing with other species? And if art is on the cutting edge of cultural development, couldn’t that gesture crossing species boundaries be artwork? The resulting experiments were the beginning of trans-species art.




Wyoming Game and Fish

PINE BLUFFS, WYOMING: Sculptures along a nature trail. Trailhead is at the rest area at Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, along I-80. Project was funded as a design grant from NEA in collaboration with Wyoming Game and Fish, the community of Pine Bluffs and two landscape architects. GREEN RIVER GREENBELT: Habitat sculptures and environmental interpretation for a walk/bike path along the Green River in Western Wyoming. Some of the riverbank degraded, some being restored. A collaboration with the Wyoming Game and Fish Division and the City of Green River, Wyoming.



International Work

My international work has included projects in the U.K., France, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Panama, and Kenya.




Public and Community Art

Projects intended to educate humans about the needs of wildlife as well as assist other species beyond the human community.