Public and Community Art

East Drake Pond Works

On a wetland mitigation pond just north of the East Drake Water Treatment Facility, Fort Collins, CO.

Texas Text

Artworks on a Playa Lake in the Texas Panhandle. Early homesteader forms become habitat enhancement for wildlife displaced by area agriculture and urban development.
Lubbock, Texas, 2000

Gooseflower Duckpod

Nesting sculptures from “Gooseflower, Duckpod, Dragon Flyway, Bug Log, Bat Belfry”, a habitat enhancement for an urban stormwater detention pond being used as an outdoor classroom by nearby elementary schools. Fort Collins, CO.

 The Bird Garden at Navajo Mountain

At the most remote boarding school on the Navajo reservation, work with students to create a habitat area as part of land restoration on the campus.

Migration Mileposts

Migration Mileposts and Outpost Oases linking communities in the hemisphere who share migratory birds. Migration mileposts now connect communities on the pacific flyway in Seattle, Washington, San Francisco Bay, and Titumate, Colombia. On the Atlantic flyway markers and artworks have been located in Quebec, New Jersey, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The artist is interested in locating more sites along the flyways of the western hemisphere.

With Community members, organizations and agencies, I will create artworks which contribute to habitat and raise public awareness of migration and the challenges facing migratory birds. Art at each site will differ depending on the needs of the birds and community, but all installations will be tied together by “Migration Mileposts” – signposts and symbols which might be like small standing stones, etched with information about local bird species and distances they travel.

In addition, we would create water capture basins, shelter, plantings to provide food for birds in transit, and other artworks appropriate to enhancing habitat at the site.


Tracking: a variety of interpretive sculptures and games on learning to recognize the tracks of the animals who share our spaces. Stone, concrete, sand, brick, tile, various locations & dates.