International Work


Lynne worked at the Giraffe Centre outside of Nairobi, the first nature center in Africa, where the property owners had realized if the children of Kenya did not learn to value and enjoy their wildlife species, there was no chance for wildlife to survive. When Lynne arrived a new trail had been hacked through the bush, but children were not very engaged by the name tags on trees. To assist environmental educators, Lynne worked with two Kenyan artists to create sculptures along the trail. Rhode Muchoke, a painter, painted sculptures with patterns and colors of the local animals. Kioko Mwitike created “signs” with images of animals who might be seen around the sign location. Lynne’s visit courtesy of an Arts International Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest fellowship.  1993-94


A famous birdwatching trail comes within a few miles of the village of Achiote, and El Tucano nature center invites visitors to come further along the road to learn more about aspects of the village of Achiote and their sustainable economic development efforts. Lynne went to Achiote with a team of student and faculty volunteers from CSU on spring break to help create a large bird viewing platform on a hill above the nature center, and also created sculptures to welcome visitors.


Quebec: “The Mystery, the Evidence and the Small Atonements”  Art Boreal Nature residency. Entering the sustainably timbered forest, I felt the mysteries of other lives being lived there by other species. I marked the evidence I found, and created “atonements” by rebuilding habitat sculptures from timber thinning in the forest.

United Kingdom

The most obvious difference in the environment between working in the United Kingdom and the Rocky Mountain region of the US is water. Much of the land along the rockies is high plains desert; much of England, Ireland and Scotland are very wet. Very very wet for working on sculpture outdoors.


Lynne and Patricia Lara mapped Medellin’s green space, most of which has been used for development, and former watercourses which have been sunk underground. Medellin has very little green or public space for a city in Latin America.


France Les Arques

A two part project in France, working on a wetland (marais) restoration and working with the concept of fair exchange between species in the ancient village.

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Le Marais