Garden Habitat


Different birds have different needs in terms of house height, width, hole size and distance from hole to floor inside to be successful for raising babies. But within those measurements, they can be wildly creative. Check the DIY page for more information for building your own, or contact Lynne to purchase.


From a Children’s  Insect Garden — “Buglog” — sooo easy—place a slab of wood in a damp area. Add a handle to lift to see who lives under! Kids can draw the bugs they encounter with permanent marker.





Winter Butterfly shelter
In nearly all parts of northern North America, some butterflies hibernate as adults. They might be the first butterflies you see in spring. Research at the Botanical Gardens in St. John’s, Newfoundland showed they use thick, dense branch or log piles to crawl back into so birds and other predators can’t find them as they sleep. Why not make them look like butterflies and cocoons?